Dennison by Design salon in Nottingham have Afro Caribbean hair specialists in Nottingham that offer a wide range of afro Caribbean hair care services. Some of our stylists have over 10 years experience. We pride ourselves with keeping up to date with current trends, and cater for most of the afro Caribbean styling needs.

Some of the services we offer for Afro Caribbean clientele


Relaxing is a permanent straightening process for afro Caribbean and mixed textured hair types, once the hair has been relaxed the re-growth will need to be retouched at a time specified by your afro Caribbean hair specialist. We use only the best product ranges that include a conditioning system during the relaxer process.

Note; having a relaxer is a commitment not to be taken lightly, once you go down this route you will need to take advice from your professional stylist as to how often your hair will need to be retouched and receive a ongoing conditioning treatment programme. At Dennison By Design this will be discussed in your complementry consultation.


Texturizing is a chemical process that loosens the chosen degree of curl. This is usually chosen to make the hair easier to manage or to define curl.


The perming process is a permanent way to add curl to the hair.


We are a L’Oreal supported salon and have a wide range of colours that are suitable for afro Caribbean hair that is either natural or relaxed. So if you fancy a change in colour, book to see our afro Caribbean hair specialist for a consultation. Together we can decide which colour will suit your skin tone whilst thinking about maintaining the best condition possible.

Conditioning treatments

Afro Caribbean hair needs a balance between protein and moisture. If the hair is chemically treated it is particularly important to have treatments. These treatments will rebuild the structure of the hair to keep it healthy and make it easier to maintain.
We have a wide range of conditioning treatments for all types of afro Caribbean hair. After our thorough consultation and hair analysis we will apply a conditioning treatment that is specially mixed to suit your hair type and needs.

Cutting and styling

Don’t forget that Afro Caribbean hair is a specialist area, so even a cut and blow dry should be carried out by an afro Caribbean specialist, we pride ourselves with the pursuit of excellence and train all members of staff in current trends


We also have specialist extension services including Weaves and Braiding

Please call for a consultation on 0115 959 8455